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Introducing 7 Point OPS

The Integrated, Mobile Solution for Facility and Event Services Operations

7 Point OPS

All In One View

Setups, Services, Diagrams, Tasks, Last Minute Changes, Alerts, Maintenance Notes and Photos, Building Logs and More.

Ditch the Paper

View and track every service, setup detail and task on any mobile device, anywhere, anytime. No more paper reports.


Already integrated with your scheduling software. Easy to install, setup and use on day one! Low, pay-as-you-go pricing.


We've created a full set of features to comprehensively manage daily facility and event service operations. We're also frequently adding new features based on feedback from our professional, user community.

Setup Details

Integrated with your scheduling software to display live setup and service information.

Track Completions

Setup Crew and Facility Managers sign off on completed tasks with just a touch.

Building Logs

Create multiple, detailed, building logs. Add time ordered entries, photos, and more.


Single touch access to setup diagrams for any meeting or event.


Instantly broadcast alerts to staff including last minute changes.

Notes and Photos

Report maintenance issues or damage with pictures taken directly from your device.

Custom Tasks

Create and track your own detailed tasks for your crew on any day.


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Make Your Scheduling Software Better
  • The 7 Point Event Display is an easy to install, cost effective, and fully integrated display software ideal for use with any tablet or display monitor. Keep customers informed of all your current and upcoming events with data that is updated directly from your scheduling software. A perfect and simple fit for your information center, reception area, or even displays outside a room or event venue. 7 Point Event Display software installs quickly, is ready for use on day one, and easily configured to show events across your entire organization or just for one room.

  • The 7 Point Credit Card Payment Page connects your existing secure payment gateway directly with your scheduling software providing a seamless payment experience for your customers and automatic write back of payment transaction data for your reservations and events staff. If you are currently re-keying credit card payment data into your scheduling software or trying to find an easier way to allow your customers to pay their meeting and event services invoices or deposits on-line, we can help.

  • Improve how you manage and update student group and officer information in your scheduling software. Our easy to install connector is ready to use with your student organization management system and automatically updates your scheduling software with the most up-to-date student group and officer data eliminating the need to manually update this information. Save time and improve the consistency of your information across your organization.

  • Our 7 Point reporting framework integrates directly with your scheduling software enabling us to provide custom reporting solutions tailored to meet your needs. Results are conveniently delivered directly to an Excel spreadsheet on your desktop. Our custom reports are an Ideal solution for complex financial reporting; compiling invoice data for upload to PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, or Banner; or gathering room use or other utilization data.

The Team

Leverage our 30+ years of scheduling software experience

Scott Anderson

Only wears a mask to formal events
Prior to co-founding 7 Point, Scott served as Vice President for Client Services at Dean Evans and Associates, Inc. overseeing the Professional Services and Customer Support Teams. Scott has successfully implemented the EMS portfolio of products at hundreds of customer sites.

Ed Nowak

He’s actually scared of spiders
Prior to co-founding 7 Point, Ed was the Vice President of Product Development at Dean Evans and Associates, Inc. where he was responsible for overseeing product direction, software development and quality assurance initiatives for the entire EMS portfolio of products.

Mike Wimett

Not really as intense as he looks
Prior to joining 7 Point, Mike was the Chief Architect at Dean Evans and Associates, Inc. where he played an instrumental role in designing the EMS application architecture. Mike was also directly responsible for the development of multiple key components in the EMS product line.

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